Dynamic Pepsi logo advertisements utilize negative space to get lively


New sport-flavored poster designs take familiar brand elements into new territory

Soft drinks aren’t exactly renowned for their health benefits. Pepsi Light’s marketing revolves around its zero sugar and zero calorie content, but in an effort to build its outdoor credentials further, a new series of poster designs turn the drink’s logo into a range of sporty activities.

The print adverts, made by promoting agency Sancho BBDO for Pepsi Colombia, see the commonplace red white and blue bends of the Pepsi logo progress toward becoming scenes and wearing gear for dynamic characters, on account of a shrewd utilize of negative space. These incorporate a surfer peaking the soda pop’s logo, and a jumper plumbing the profundities of a sea of Pepsi Light.

In the venture portrayal for the promotions, Sancho BBDO says the accompanying: “All through its history, Pepsi Light has featured female bends; those straight assumes that at any rate adroitly, settled the light soul of our drink: thin, breathtaking ladies who refreshed themselves with zero sugar and zero calories.”

Crikey. Be that as it may, the office needs to accomplish more than essentially feature these “female bends” with its dynamic promotions. “It’s here where our bends, those that we have fortified for over 125 years, are going from something just stylish to something extremely important.”

Look at these fortified, significant bends in the notices by clicking left to directly through the exhibition underneath.

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