How to start a YouTube channel and earn money as a Graphic Designer

Hey there, as a graphic designer if you want to start a YouTube channel to earn extra money then you are at the right place, we are here to help you.

So, if you are interested to start a YouTube channel make sure to read this blog until the end so that you do not miss any important part.

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What is YouTube and how to earn money on it? 


Today YouTube is a very easy platform to earn money there are several more platforms like YouTube but YouTube is no 1 in all of them.

First of all, you have to know how YouTube works

So, YouTube is a well-known video sharing/streaming platform, YouTube place sponsored advertisement over these videos, so if someone views your video and see some ads on it, then you will be paid for that ad.

The no of time ads is viewed in your videos YouTube will pay you for that

Rules to monetize your YouTube channel 

But there are some rules for the user to get paid by uploading your video on YouTube

First of all, you have to monetize your channel to run ads over it, for that there are some rules

  1. You have to create a YouTube channel
  2. You have to create genuinely (that makes difference in peoples lives ) and your own content
  3. Your channel has to gain more than 1000 subscriber for that
  4. On your channel, the watch time should be more than 4000 hrs. per year

If you follow these rules you will get an option to apply for the monetization of your video on your channel

And when your channel is approved you can apply monetization in all of your videos

So, there were all the important things related to the YouTube channel you should know before starting.

How to create videos as a Graphic designer

Now I will teach you how you can start your own YouTube channel with a Niche of a graphic designing

So, first of all, you have to decide which type of content you will make on your channel

As a graphic designer, you can make a separate channel like logo designing, or you can also make videos on all topic related to graphic designing

Because you are a designer you have to work on your pc so that you have to record your pc screen for videos

Many apps can be used for recording your pc screen you can use any one of them given below.


When you have recorded the video, you have to edit it properly so that your channel audience can get the best video content on YouTube

Best Video editing software 

For editing of the video again you can use some free software available on the internet, you can use any one of them but Filmora is recommended,



So, you have to work on the video editing part too for learning video editing on Filmora you can visit there official YouTube channel

Video editing courses offer by Promofox Digital 

And if you are interested in a video editing course you can also visit you can learn Digital marketing, YouTube, video editing and some other courses we offer.

When you have completed your video upload it on YouTube by just tapping the plus (+) sign button.


Upload your video on YouTube with a Title name and description of the video and don’t forget to use keywords for the video

If you want to learn more about how to use a keyword for the content you can go to blog section.

After uploading videos on YouTube don’t expect them too much from the videos just upload more videos in it

After uploading 10 to 15 video your channel will be started getting a more organic view on it and you will also get started the comments from the viewers.


Viewer’s comments are very important for your channel, you will get recommendations, strength, and weakness on your videos in it, so take that as feedback.

So be patient and work hard on your channel take feedback from the viewers and work on them you will definitely start getting subscriber and views on your videos

So this was a short blog on how to start a YouTube channel if you want to learn more you can visit and both website post blog on the details of how to earn from YouTube.

Manish Soni

(Promofox Digital)

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